Activity in English Club at Al Muslim Full Day School:
1. English Conversation Class is a step to increase the English students’ fluency and brave. It is also the target of Al Muslim foundation to make their English actively in daily routine. This activity happens in class.
2. Morning Class is held every morning before the lesson starts. This is followed by all of the teachers. It is supposed to support Al Muslim’s program to apply billingual teaching some years later. This activity is also to train teachers’ ability in communicating in English
3. Mr. Tom and Mr. Wahyu’s Class is also proposed to improve teachers’ communication in English. These trainers are very skillful and supposed to improve the vocabulary or grammar when teachers speak in English. It is held after working time. However, this activity actually has a great obstacles especially for teachers who has a family. They often leave the class by any reasons.
4. English Extracurricular also becomes an important program for English team. The students are really wished to be able to communicate in English well and apply the conversation material in English extracurricular. This activity is held on Saturdays at 07.30-09.00 and followed by students who joins English extracurricular.
5. English Conversation for teachers and Al Muslim’s staffs. This is actually held on Saturday every the fourth week. But, in fact this program hasn’t progressed at all because there are so many ativity done. Actually it is supposed to support the international school. (Firda/Fir)